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Latest updates

april 23, 2024

Launch in a Bed of Roses for Arklow’s NB 826

This Friday at 11.00 am, Arklow's NB 826 will be laid down in a bed of roses. The vessel will be launched at our yard in Martenshoek, which will be closed for public. NB 826 is the sixth vessel for Arklow in the 6800 tons deadweight series.

april 15, 2024

New order from Meriaura! 🙏

Meriaura ordered two biofuel powered 6750 dwt cargo vessels at Royal Bodewes! The vessels will be built in Holland and delivered in 2026. More information can be found on the following link: https://meriaura.fi/en/meriaura-orders-two-biofuel-powered-6750-dwt-cargo-vessels-from-dutch-royal-bodewes-shipyard/

maart 25, 2024

MV Arklow Resolve can stretch her legs after successful delivery last week! ✅

Fantastic picture from Simon Marrink who caught 3 Bodewes vessels in 1 picture. On the left our 6800 ton dwat Ecotrader for Arklow Shipping. In the middle our 7750 ton dwat Cementrader for U-Ming. On the right our 4800 ton dwat Ecotrader for Scotline.