Assuming cSR

Royal Bodewes is aware that it bears a corporate social responsibility for employees, clients, society and the environment. Therefore, whenever we build our innovative vessels, topics such as health, safety, environment and quality have priority.




Our innovative and sustainable projects are supported by partners SNN and EFRO.
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Health, safety, environment & quality

When we build vessels our focus is always on health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ). 

Project-specific HSEQ plans, tailored to meet rules, subcontractor-involvement in safety awareness, toolbox meetings, positive feedback on near-misses and employee-training, all share the same ultimate goal: zero incidents.

Furthermore, we ensure that through our business activities negative effects on the environment are reduced as much as possible. Externally, by building our clients environmentally friendly vessels (being hybrid or running on methanol) and internally, by having an electric cycling plan, electric car plan and solar panels on the roof of our office.

Also, the design, engineering and building processes at Royal Bodewes are subject to a strict quality control regime through our own QC department.

Recognition SNN & EFRO

Hybride Scheepsenergiesysteem

Het laden en lossen van droge-lading-bulk schepen wordt voornamelijk gedaan met speciale kranen of graafmachines (excavators). Meestal wordt hierbij gebruik gemaakt van faciliteiten in de haven. Omdat niet alle havens (vooral kleinere) beschikken over kraanfaciliteiten en er daarbij regelmatig wachttijden voor losdiensten bestaan, zijn er ook schepen die worden voorzien van eigen kranen of graafinstallaties.

Veel van deze laad- en lossystemen beschikken over een eigen energievoorziening. Meestal worden deze kranen aangedreven door dieselmotoren die de kraan direct bewegen of indirect het benodigde elektrische of hydraulische vermogen opwekken. Op het gebied van duurzaamheid en rookgasuitstoot is hier nog een hoop te winnen.

In het huidige project ontwikkelt scheepswerf Royal Bodewes uit Hoogezand daarom een nieuw scheepsconcept met een eigen elektrische excavator. Voor het schip wordt een innovatieve voortstuwing en energiehuishouding ontworpen waarmee het schip haar havenactiviteiten emissievrij kan uitvoeren maar ook gedurende een gelimiteerde periode emissievrij kan varen. Deze features combineert het schip met de mogelijkheid om schoon en zeer brandstofefficiënt op zee te opereren. Het nieuwe scheepsconcept onderscheidt zich daarmee van bestaande schepen, zowel qua duurzaamheid als qua exploitatieresultaat.

Poseidon principles

Royal Bodewes underlines the Poseidon Principles of leading financial institutions in shipping, providing a global framework for integrating climate considerations into lending decisions to promote international shipping decarbonization. These principles are consistent with the policies and ambitions of the International Maritime Organization.

Innovation initiatives

We fully support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.. Our projects are thus aligned and aim to contribute towards a better, innovative and more sustainable future.

Next generation shipping: green, lean & clean

Shipping is a very sustainable method of logistics due to its efficient mode of transport. Because ships often last 20-25 years, in practice many ships sail with outdated techniques. With climate change becoming an increasingly important issue, Royal Bodewes – in anticipation of regulations that may come into force in the future – designs and builds highly environmentally friendly ships on the condition that these sustainable measures hardly increase the operating costs of the ships.

Latest updates

december 4, 2023

Proud of the prow! 💥

The foreship has been transported outside. Our Taiwanese 7750 dwat cement tanker is now completely on the quay of the SPG yard, Foxhol.

november 30, 2023

Freshly delivered MV Hagland Premier!❄️

Loosen up; Smooth sailing ahead for freshly delivered MV Hagland Premier! This hybrid 4860 dwat cargo vessel, equipped with a battery package and an excavator on top for self loading/discharging, is the 3rd delivery for Hagland Shipping.

november 17, 2023

Framed by a crane!

Our Taiwanese 7750 dwat cement tanker making good progress. Beginning next year she will be launched at SPG, Foxhol.