Assuming corporate social responsibility

Royal Bodewes is aware that it bears a corporate social responsibility for employees, clients, society and the environment. Therefore, whenever we build our innovative vessels, topics such as health, safety, environment and quality have priority.

Health, safety, environment & quality.

When we build vessels our focus is always on health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ). 

Project-specific HSEQ plans, tailored to meet rules, subcontractor-involvement in safety awareness, toolbox meetings, positive feedback on near-misses and employee-training, all share the same ultimate goal: zero incidents.

Furthermore, we ensure that through our business activities negative effects on the environment are reduced as much as possible. Externally, by building our clients environmentally friendly vessels (being hybrid or running on methanol) and internally, by having an electric cycling plan, electric car plan and solar panels on the roof of our office.

Also, the design, engineering and building processes at Royal Bodewes are subject to a strict quality control regime through our own QC department.


Royal Bodewes would like to thank the following organizations for advocating northern shipbuilding and for supporting our innovative and sustainable projects.

Poseidon principles

Royal Bodewes underlines the Poseidon Principles of leading financial institutions in shipping, providing a global framework for integrating climate considerations into lending decisions to promote international shipping decarbonization. These principles are consistent with the policies and ambitions of the International Maritime Organization.

Innovation initiatives

We fully support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.. Our projects are thus aligned and aim to contribute towards a better, innovative and more sustainable future.

Next generation shipping: green, lean & clean

Shipping is a very sustainable method of logistics due to its efficient mode of transport. Because ships often last 20-25 years, in practice many ships sail with outdated techniques. With climate change becoming an increasingly important issue, Royal Bodewes – in anticipation of regulations that may come into force in the future – designs and builds highly environmentally friendly ships on the condition that these sustainable measures hardly increase the operating costs of the ships.

Latest updates

januari 31, 2023

Exciting developments in our French Polynesia RoRo vessel project!

januari 19, 2023

Putting the puzzle together ➡⬅

Foreship and aft of NB 737 are connected at our construction facility in Foxhol.

december 16, 2022

Dip it low, in ice and snow!❄️

Successful launch of NB 821 this morning. She is the first of the new Arklow 6800 T dwt series.