Royal Bodewes turns ideas into high quality products. In close consultation with our clients we build the most efficient, economical vessels in the world. Find out more about our unique building process.

Design & engineering

By designing and engineering in-house we have full control over the end result. Our experienced designers start with a concept design, translating the ship owner’s wishes into naval architectural and engineering characteristics. Once a detailed design is ready, a 3D model is built, providing a unique hull-, machinery, piping-, outfitting and interior design functionality. All the while, our designers and engineers work closely together to ultimately arrive at the most innovative and cost efficient design, ready for production.

Building process

Prefabrication, logistics, assembling, painting… It is all done during our in-house shipbuilding production process. Only the steel plates and profiles come ‘ready to be mounted’ from our trusted suppliers. In addition to the highest quality materials, the best building conditions are needed to build outstanding ships. To improve our products, we have upgraded our yard by building a new production hall in 2018. We also extended our quay in 2020. The big advantage of indoor building is that work can proceed, regardless of weather conditions. In addition to our own yard, we build abroad, thereby increasing our production capacity.

Christening and Launching

After the blocks have been transported outside and all sections have been lined up and welded together, the vessel is ready to be christened and launched. The christening and launching of a vessel is always a spectacular event. Watching the name being revealed during the christening ceremony and to eyewitness the (quite) unique transverse launching of a ship are the icing on the cake for both builder and client.

Word of a godmother

To bless the ship and wish her good luck during her voyages, the godmother christens the ship by breaking a sacrificial bottle of champagne over the bow. “The christening ceremony can undoubtedly be a nerve wrecking moment for a godmother. However, from my experience, I can tell you that it was one of the most exciting and beautiful days of my life” – Nienke Bodewes.

Seatrials and Delivery

Outfitting, carpentry and paint works are the finishing touches that are done after the launch of a vessel. Once this is finished, the vessel will be towed to the harbour of Delfzijl or Eemshaven. where sea trials will commence. During the sea trials, systems are tested for class approval. Only when the ship is completely technically approved, she will be delivered to her new owner.

A brief impression

For a brief impression of our christening and launching ceremonies please take a look at our video. More videos about our organisation and launchings are to be found on our YouTube channel ‘Royal Bodewes’.

Next generation shipping: Green, Lean and Clean

Shipping is a very sustainable method of logistics due to its efficient mode of transport. Because ships often last 20-25 years, in practice many ships sail with outdated techniques. With climate change becoming an increasingly important issue, Royal Bodewes – in anticipation of regulations that may come into force in the future – designs and builds highly environmentally friendly ships on the condition that these sustainable measures hardly increase the operating costs of the ships.