MV Aasfoss is the second hybrid self-discharger 9400 DWAT, built for Norwegian Shipping Company Aasen Shipping. The sistervessel is called MV Aasfjell. Both vessels have an excavator on top for self loading/discharching.

Particular details

Build number


Year built


Length over all

119,9 m

Length b.p.p.

117,85 m

Breadth mld.

15,80 m

Design draught

7,50 m


5700 GT


12 knots

Hold capacity

390.000 cbft



Ice Class




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Martijn Beunk

Business Development

More about the Aasfoss

Next to the MGO main engine, she has an electric motor and about 560 kWh battery capacity, allowing her to sail emission-free.

Benefits and features of the Bodewes Hybrid bulk carrier 9400 dwt:

  • Battery package enabling reduced fuel consumption of about 400 tons per year.
  • Battery package enabling peak shaving on main engine reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Battery package enabling propulsion and maneuvring in port without use of main engine.
  • Electric excavator enabling nearly noise-free loading and discharging operations.
  • Combination of electric excavator, battery and connection to shore grid enable operations completely free of emissions when in port.
  • Variable revolution on main engine reducing consumption/emissions further during slow steaming. Active Eco-control of propeller and main engine enable the most optimised operation.
  • Optimised hull design and main engine focusing on reduced emissions and fuel consumption.