Arklow Valiant

On Friday the first of April, the first 5150 DWAT Bodewes Eco Trader mini bulkerwith straightbow was launched at our yard. At almost 90 m in length overall, this type of vessel is featured with a distinctive energy-saving designed bow.

Particular details

Build number


Year built


Length over all

86,93 m

Length b.p.p.

84,98 m

Breadth mld.

15,00 m

Depth mld.

7,17 m

Design draught

6,35 m


5150,00 ton


2.999 GT


12 knots

Hold capacity

221.000 cbft



Ice Class




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Martijn Beunk

Business Development

More about the Arklow Valiant

For these vessels, the basic principle of the Groot Cross-bow was applied. Featuring a straight-stem that slices the waves coupled by an upper slope the deflect wave resistance. In this aspect, the Eco Trader series with straight bow still displays the same typical lines op to the main deck, but the bow lines above this level no longer show the backward inclination, but rather continue going straight up. The new design provides an improved vision to the bow anchors while anchoring.