Holmen III / Furie

NB 606 was launched on the 18th of May 1916. In January 1918 the vessel was sold to her first owner Holmen Bruks & Fabriks, Norrköping (Sweden). There she was used for towing wood to the paper factories in Norrköping or in Hallstavik. In the 1969 the vessel was sold to the captain and she was renamed Holmvik. In 1976 the vessel was sold to the AVRO (a Dutch television organisation) and she was renamed Furie. After being used for a television series, she was sold to the foundation Hollands Glorie. The Furie has got her own website now: http://www.furie.nl/index.php. (The first photo is made by Mr. S. Oppeel. and the second photo is made by mr. W. Vink showing the Furie in Maassluis (her homeport)).

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